Despite white supremacist’s best efforts, you survive and thrive. Hell yeah, take that number from them.

This is such a good comment. :)

I always feel… almost wrong saying I’m part Jewish because I don’t feel like I’ve done anything to deserve it I guess. But it would feel wronger saying I’m not? It’s just so complicated and all mixed up in family history that seems to be very messy. I remember when I was a kid at some rubbish summer camp telling the other kids “I’m one-third Jewish” because that was exciting new information then. And other bits of information came out over the years about my Jewish grandfather (he died when I was 6) and my mum’s upbringing and our ancestors in Russia, and once my dad (not Jewish) told me how his grandfather, my great-grandfather, would have hated him marrying a Jewish person because he hated Jews. (Sucks to be him, then, ha.)

…It’s SO COMPLICATED. Gah. I’m not religious in the least and my dad used to be pretty hardcore Christian when I was growing up (so I ended up going to Christian daycare clubs and stuff) but I’m very very proud to be semi-Jewish. Fuck nazis!

Thanks for all the lovely comments on this guys x