if Call the Midwife episodes were titled like FRIENDS episodes

(or indeed had titles at all)

1×01 The First One
1×02 The One Where Chummy Joins
1×03 The One With the Cockroaches
1×04 The One With the Babynapping
1×05 The One With the Incest
1×06 The One With Chummy’s Horrible Mother

2×00 The One With the Workhouse Graveyard And The Screaming, PS Merry Christmas
2×01 The One Where Men Are Terrible
2×02 The One Where Something Bad Happens To Cynthia
2×03 The First One With Patsy
2×04 The One Where Poplar is Ableist
2×06 The One With the Tuberculosis
2×07 The One Where Poplar is Racist
2×08 The One Where Turnerdette Happens

3×00 The One With the Wedding
3×01 The One With Princess Margaret
3×02 The One Where Trixie Gets Super Passive-Aggressive
3×03 The One With the Prison
3×04 The One Where Alec Dies
3×05 The One Where It Really, Really Sucks To Be Disabled in the 1950s
3×06 The One With Trixie’s Bad Date
3×07 The One With the Postnatal Psychosis
3×08 The One Where Chummy’s Horrible Mother Dies

4×00 The One With Vanessa Redgrave
4×01 The One Where Barbara Joins
4×02 The One Where Phyllis Joins
4×03 The One Where Poplar is Homophobic
4×04 The One Where Tom and Trixie Break Up
4×05 The One Where Turner Has a Breakdown
4×06 The One With the Diabetic Girl
4×07 The One With the Baby Switch
4×08 The One Where You Think They’ve Done Bury Your Gays But It Turns Out Later They Haven’t

5×00 The One Where Sister MJ Nearly Dies
5×01 The One Where Holy Shit Keep That Guy The Fuck Away From His Disabled Daughter
5×02 The One Where Sister Evangelina Fucks Up
5×03 The One With Typhoid
5×04 The One Where Apparently It’s Okay To Just Not Tell A Woman Her Baby Died
5×05 The One Where People Finally Discover Smoking Is Bad For You
5×06 The One Where Something Even Worse Happens To Cynthia What The Fuck
5×07 The One With the Storm
5×08 The One Where Evangelina Dies

6×00 The One In Africa
6×01 The One Where Shelagh is Pregnant
6×02 The One With the Explosion
6×03 The One With the Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
6×04 The One Where Valerie Joins
6×05 The First One With Reggie
6×06 The One With the Cuban Missile Crisis
6×07 The One Where Phyllis Nearly Kills a Child
6×08 The One With the Barbara-Tom Wedding and the Patsy-Delia Kiss

7×00 The One Where The Baby Looks Dead But It Actually Isn’t
7×01 The One Where Lucille Joins
7×02 The One With The Nasty Racist Mother
7×03 The One Where Everything Is Just Unfathomably Bad
7×04 The One Where Trixie Has Relapsed
7×05 The One With the Leprosy
7×06 The One Where Everyone Has The Worst Fucking Luck Ever
7×07 The One Where Barbara Dies
7×08 The One Where Okay Everyone We’ve Been Through Enough Thanks