Look at this shit. The incel crisis is becoming an epidemic.

But I mean just look at the physiognomy on this fucking guy.


Also I’m praying this guy doesn’t commit some sort of mass violence. He has a “Trump confederate flag” in his fb header.


Bro, the whole time i was reading this I was thinking this was some joke or a commentary on how creepy men can be, but no, this nigga was dead ass. This shit scary lmao and I hope the nigga he bit don’t got rabies, look at this nigga teeth 🤢🤮

Shit like this is horrifying

Think about what that girl gotta go thru now. She either has to get a restraining order or switch jobs all because of some donkey toothed mouth breather and his obsessive crush

People are saying that this is fake—satirical? Something from 4chan?—but it’s not funny because shit like this does happen to so many women. Men do this exact same thing to women, every day, feel they’re in the right, and are supported in it.


To be absolutely clear, it would not matter or be any less awful if this guy had been conventionally attractive. Everything he did would still have been utterly, unquestionably reprehensible and unacceptable, and to imply that this was somehow only as bad as it was because he looks like a “donkey toothed mouth breather” is unhelpful at best, and downright dangerous at worst.

Stalking is stalking. You don’t get to get away with it by being handsome.

There are a lot of people in the comments saying this is fake and I think it probably is? Apparently it’s from 4chan but the post is gone. The image of the guy shows up on 4chan too but 4chan is so completely fucking incomprehensible to me I couldn’t tell you who he is or what he’s doing there. But reading some of the comments (ugh) I think he might be just some random guy unfortunate enough to have his image attached to a troll account.


A few years ago there actually was a documented stalking case involving someone called Adrian Johnson. Because his victim was a British TV presenter it made the news, and some of the details are pretty similar. He managed to get her phone number, set her thousands of messages, and once arrested he apparently said via his lawyer that he didn’t think it was harassment. So… maybe that’s where this came from? Possibly? God knows.

(I agree wholeheartedly with the bit about looks not meaning anything though.)