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You guys remember Jazzy Rowe, the young black woman who’s roommate smeared used tampons on her backpack? She has a gofundme up for medical bills and student loans. 

Due to inhumane behavior, my freshman year of college was a horrifying tragedy. Being assigned a roommate who was out to kill me based on the color of my skin without me even knowing it. Most of you heard my story and know about all these disgusting things that were done to me my freshmen year of college. If you haven’t heard of it go listen to it here: (link).  As a result of my roommates doings I was left sick for months with several bacterial infections. I was hospitalized, had to see several different specialists and take different medications to get my health back on track.

Before I started college I had gotten my self a job my senior year of high school. Each paycheck I earned was used towards buying the things I would need for college and all of that hard work was ruined by my former roommate. Now I am stuck with a bunch of medical and  on going medication bills. Not only that I still have to check in with my primary doctor here and there due to weight loss and check in with a psychiatrist as well. In addition to health, I’m left with a student loan to pay off.

I wanted to start school spring semester of 2018 or at least fall semester of 2018, but due to all thag has happened I’m not able to attend school until Spring 2019. This upset me so much because I feel like my education has been delayed. That’s also not the only thing that upset me. The fact that justice hasn’t been servered on my part upsets me just as much.

Every since this this incident happened a lot of people have been asking about my Go Fund Me page, and here it is. Your donations will be going towards all the expenses I was left with, replacement items, and my future education. Thank you all in advance and god bless.

Click here to support Jazzy Rowe organized by Jazzy Rowe