The Florida Douglas High School Shooting Was an Anti-Semitic Hate Crime And Nobody’s Talking About…



” Why is nobody talking about the fact that the Florida shooting was an anti-Semitic hate crime except
for Jews? The school was more than 40% Jewish. The shooter was a part
of a white supremacist organization, actively and openly hated Jews more
than anyone else, would beat up Jewish kids, etc. The head of the white
supremacist organization made a public statement that the organization
had nothing to do with the shooting but if he had to guess why Cruz did
it, it was because the school was predominantly Jewish. “We’re not a big
fan of Jews,“ Republic of Florida Militia leader Jordan Jerub stated in
an interview with The Daily Beast. “I think there were a lot of Jews at
the school that might have been messing with him.”

It seems like only Jewish news sources are reporting on this and the
comments on the articles by non-Jews are sickening. People are saying
that “Jews want to be oppressed so badly. He shot up the school because
they expelled him, not because he hated Jews.” People are saying we’re
“appropriating struggles of people of color” by claiming that he killed
Jewish kids because he’s a white supremacist. I’m sorry, why can’t we
acknowledge that someone shot up a Jewish school because he was
anti-Semitic without it taking away from the struggles of other

When Jews say we are oppressed, people often respond
with “show me real hate crimes against Jews and then we’ll believe you
when you say you’re discriminated against,” but then someone who talks
about wanting Jews dead shoots up a school that’s mostly Jewish and
people still refuse to acknowledge that it’s a real hate crime.

The Jewish community is not a large one. I know people who knew some of
those kids, who went to Jewish summer camp with them, whose parents were
family friends etc.  Fuck anti-Semites and fuck people who shoot
children and fuck people who refuse to acknowledge that people are
targeted, assaulted, and even killed for being Jewish on a regular
basis. According to the FBI, 1.7% of Americans are Jewish, but last year
54.2% of religiously motivated hate crimes were against Jews and 11.5%
of overall hate crimes were against Jews.

If your intersectionality doesn’t include Jews, you’re doing social justice wrong.”

I mean, he had racist and antisemitic reasons written down, including that Jewish people led to be killed because they “wanted to destroy the world”, but yeah…Jewish agenda…?

The Florida Douglas High School Shooting Was an Anti-Semitic Hate Crime And Nobody’s Talking About…