How to help Guatemala




So a few days ago (June 3, 2018), the Volcán de Fuego erupted in Guatemala. So far, as of today (June 6) at least 82 people are confirmed dead, 300 are injured, 192 are missing, and thousands have had to evacuate. The towns of El Rodeo, San Miguel, Los Lotes, and Alotenango have been buried in volcanic material. The volcano is still in eruptive phase, and even more people could be affected. x x x

If you haven’t heard about this, that’s probably because the news (at least in the United States) has barely been covering it at all. In all honesty, I only learned about it today from a Tumblr post. Even on here, though, I haven’t seen many posts telling people outside of Guatemala how they can help, so I thought I’d compile a list.

Organizations Accepting Online Donations

Other Ways to Help

If you know of any other ways people can help, please feel free to add them!

As of today, there are 99 people dead and 197 people missing and presumed dead. Even if you’re not able to donate, please reblog this so more people can see it!

The official death toll is now 109, 200 people are missing, and on Thursday, people who had just returned had to re-evacuate because of new lava flows, so please reblog and consider donating if you can!

(You can now also donate to the Center for Disaster Philanthropy

by googling “Guatemala volcano” and clicking “Donate”)