It’s fucking prison camps holding 1,400 children. that’s fascism.

This is incredibly difficult to look at. I fear this will continue and he will commit even worse crimes against humanity. I believe the UN is sitting on June 27 to discuss the humanitarian aspects of Trumps decisions here.

Glad to see major network coverage of this

So sorry that this isnt snakes but… wow.

The quotes with his face are in Spanish as well as English. This is a reeducation center.

Remove children from parental influence, hold them long enough for them to captor-bond for survival, surround them with a new ideology 24/7. The youngest ones become blank slates, and the older ones wear down and adapt just to belong.

The next step would be to with hold all contact from their parents indefinitely. You could then punish them for speaking or learning their native tongue, and teach them domestic and hard labor skills and “employ” them outside of the camps to [insert synonym for “it builds character” here]. Since they aren’t actually citizens, minimum wage and labor laws don’t apply to them.

Ask the Native Americans and Austriallian Aboriginals how well this system works.

also, sessions has been using his authority as AG to certify immigration cases to himself and has decided that victims of domestic violence don’t qualify for asylum