Some more stories from Grenfell, this time ones about the helpers:


Zahra Choudhry, the student midwife who rushed to the tower

Asked how a 20-year-old could cope with so much, she laughs and says: “I felt I was a 35-year-old woman with six kids. I’d dealt with grief, the loss of babies, as part of my training, but I’d never experienced loss like this. It was overwhelming, because there were so many people involved, but I didn’t cry at all when I was there.”

Here’s How People Are Helping Those Who Have Been Evacuated From Grenfell Tower

Members of the public queued to donate supplies, following a hugely supportive response from members of the community.

By Wednesday afternoon, several the named drop-off points had received so
many donations that people offering more had to be turned away.

Adele and Stormzy Attend Grenfell Tower Memorial Service

Adele was famously among those who went to Grenfell Tower to help those in need, and later paid a visit to the emergency services who spent a week working in the aftermath of the tragedy “for a cup of tea and a cuddle”.


Stormzy was similarly vocal, sharing his disillusionment with the way the government reacted to the tragedy, most notably at this year’s Brit Awards, where he performed a freestyle rap name-checking Grenfell.

Muslims awake for Ramadan may have saved lives in the tower

Muslims were among the first people on the scene as people were evacuated from Grenville Tower.

Andre Barroso, 33, told The Independent: “Muslims played a big part in getting a lot of people out.

“Most of the people I could see were Muslim. They have also been providing food and clothes.”

The volunteers who flocked from near and far to help

“What motivated me? Humanity.

When they said no more donations, I thought I’m going to come down myself and help. I couldn’t just sit and watch the news.”