[Image: a blurry image of a smiling Filipina woman with black earrings and glasses]

Part 3 of a series of posts honoring the Grenfell Tower victims.

Ligaya Moore, from the 21st floor of Grenfell Tower

Ligaya Moore, 78, was a Filipina woman who always dreamed of
living in London. She married a British man, Jim Moore, but was a widow at the time she died. She liked dancing and shopping, and previously worked as a nanny.

Her family released a statement in which they talked about her life:

“Forty-three years ago, Aunt Ligaya, DITE, as we fondly called her, lived her dream – to live and work in London.

She endured being away with family – not able to attend her mother’s funeral – but in exchange of all the loneliness and homesickness, she
met the love of her life, Jim Moore, a British national, had a new family, acquired new friends, and built a new life in London.

But the dream turned into nightmare on that fateful night of
June 14, when the Grenfell Tower was consumed in flames. At this time, she was already living by herself in this building, as her husband passed away several years back.

The jolly, bubbly person, the lady who loves to dance and who laughed her heart out, succumbed to a fire which turned her laughter into silence.”

Her friend Nenita Bunggay spoke about her at the Grenfell inquiry:

“Ligaya was a jolly and energetic person, she was like my mother and was my best friend. We always spent our time together and she will be greatly missed.”

Ligaya also loved living at Grenfell, she said:

“She was so proud to live in Grenfell. She would always say every time we walked past: ‘Nenita, that’s my building, 21st floor. It’s a big building and I love it so much, even though I’m alone there, I love seeing it every day. Especially the fireworks, she loved that kind of beautiful thing from her building.

“She loved to see the beauty of London from her building. She always used to say: ‘I am on top of the world, Nenita, look at my building.‘”