Project Haysian Smelt



The sign up form is here! It will remain open until 06/25/18.  Again, this project is to give some love to Kelly Marie Tran, since she seems to have been run off of Instagram by hateful messages. She’s deleted all of her posts.

Info about submission types and some other notes can be found here.

A few notes: you don’t have to be specific with the proposed submission. Just a loose idea so I have an idea of what’s going into the project. I encourage people to give social media links so all of your lovely faces can be credited appropriately. 

Thank you again for the overwhelming response to the project. I hope we continue to be a positive force in our fandom(s)!

I don’t think it’s working unfortunately! I just get either a blank page or an error. Is it just me or is anyone else getting that?

Wait, scratch that, it’s working now!

Project Haysian Smelt