Hi everyone!

The reason for this project is simple— to show Kelly Marie Tran some love, following her recent Instagram deletion and deactivation due to the amount of harassment she’s received. Whatever you may think of TLJ or Rose Tico, a real love human being with a heart as big as KMT’s doesn’t deserve to be run off like that.

So, this will be a compilation of art and writing and everything in between that celebrates KMT. She has a fan mail address and so ideally anything submitted would be printable so it can be sent. More details to come on submission parameters.

But please, spread the word and reblog to get as many people on board as possible! KMT is a ball of sunshine and it’d be great to have the positive outweigh the negative.


Oh that’s a really good idea! I wish I could draw, man. But I really want to show her how much she’s appreciated!