Happy Pride Month to those who can’t celebrate it


Pride Month is coming up! As a gay Russian, I feel the need to bring this up again. 

Please do not forget about our LGBT brothers and sisters in Chechnya.

LGBT persecution in Chechnya, Russia is still going on. Gay people are beaten, kidnapped, tortured, and killed simply for existing. There are legitimate concentration camps for the LGBT in Chechnya, that have existed for at least a year or more. Hundreds have gone missing and been killed. Western media has no longer given this crisis any time, and help has completely slowed down. Please do not forget about this again. Please do not let LGBT Russians die without at least trying to help. 

Here is a donation link to the Russian LGBT network, which can give direct help to those affected in Chechnya (English): https://help.lgbtnet.org/chechnya-en

Here is another link: https://www.dalecameronlowry.com/how-to-make-donation-russian-lgbt-network/

(The actual Russian LGBT website, lgbtnet.org, is not working on my computer. Otherwise I would link it directly.)

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Please keep your islamphobia, xenophobia, transphobia, homophobia, and racism off this post. Thank you, and pray for Chechnya.