first they attack Jake Lloyd, a child that did everything he was instructed to do in a moment in his life that should have been exhilarating for a kid, leading him to hit a downward spiral

then they attack Hayden Christensen for his role of Anakin Skywalker so much so that he quits acting completely

next is George Lucas for “ruining their childhoods” enough so that he sells his entire goddamn franchise and goes into the shadows

after is John Boyega, harassing him relentlessly and calling him slurs solely for him being a black lead character in a Star Wars film

then it’s Daisy Ridley for being a lead woman in a Star Wars film, calling her a Mary Sue and attacking her for posting pictures with John Boyega, her best friend, enough to make her leave social media

finally it’s Kelly Marie Tran, a lead Asian woman lead in a Star Wars film; slurs and other harrasments left as comments on her social media so much so that she deletes it all

so yeah, congrats Star Wars fans. you are officially the worst fanbase ever and I hope you’re fucking proud

‘bonus’ rounds!

– antisemitism towards JJ Abrams

-relentless mocking of then-adult Jake Lloyd when he clearly needed mental health help

– unfathomable racism and misogyny towards Kelly Marie Tran everywhere you looked, people calling Rose “the worst character in Star Wars” etc

– people apparently considering movies to be equivalent to actual rape (“Lucas raped my childhood!”) as if those two things are remotely comparable

-Ahmed Best having people come up to him on the street and tell him he ruined their childhoods, effectively ending his career just as it was taking off