so you’ve seen gifs of simone giertz’s shitty robots, right? of course you have.

she’s amazing. she’s hilarious. she’s a woman in STEM, kicking ass.

she just found out she has a brain tumor.

the doctors are pretty sure it’s benign, but it’s big, and she’s gonna have to have pretty major surgery which is gonna keep her from making videos for a while.

while she’s recovering, her patreon is pretty much gonna be her only source of income, so if you enjoy the gifs of her videos, or just want to support a pretty awesome chick who needs some help, you might want to kick a few dollars over that way.

(i’m not associated with simone in any way, i don’t know her – other than the fact that she favorited one of my tweets once! – but i absolutely adore her personality and her work and i haven’t seen any posts about this, so i figured i’d put something up.)

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Honestly she is one of the best people on YouTube. Donate if you can.