Lando’s hands though.

Like is that awkward guilt or paternal comfort or grounding in reality or just ‘I’m moving through your space because this cockpit is tiny and I don’t want to startle you’ idek all four probably.

Definitely all four. Lando doesn’t get nearly enough credit for being this actually incredibly compassionate and empathetic person. I mean, in a lot of ways his character arc mirrors that of Luke and Leia – he’s just lost his world and his people, and he’s not sure what will happen to them or if all or even some of them will make out of Bespin alive and safe. He did his absolute best to save them, but the thing is Cloud City was his home, his world, he cared about it, he loved it, he loved his people, and now he’s lost all that. But he’s still there, focusing on what he can save, helping and offering comfort to Luke and Leia (neither of whom he actually knows), watching the life he’s built for himself go up in smoke and just letting it go, because there are people who need his help.

Lando’s the responsible one. He says it as a joke to Han, but he really is. There’s a lot more to his character than just the scoundrel. And I just love him so, so much.

Lando Calrissian is awesome.

There is so much focus on Lando “betraying his friend” and not enough on the fact that he did his best to save thousands of people. Lando didn’t betray Han out of greed, or fear for himself–he did it out of fear for the people of Cloud City he was responsible for.