Hey guys! Since pride month is almost upon us we decided to host an appreciation week for wlw!


  • day one: favourite canon wlw ship (June 11th)
  • day two: favourite non-canon wlw ship (June 12th)
  • day three: favourite canon lesbian (June 13th)
  • day four: favourite canon bisexual (June 14th)
  • day five: favourite wlw artist (June 15th)
  • day six: favourite wlw celebrity (June 16th)
  • day seven: your choice. (June 17th)


  • you must reblog this post to spread awareness!
  • we will be reblogging any type of content! this goes for gifs/edits/icons/writing etc.
  • you must use the tag #wlwappreciationweek

We can’t wait!