Hi! Just as a warning, if any of you all plan to see Deadpool, there are some pretty heavy suicide themes to the film. They are NOT treated as a joke in any manner, in fact it’s taken (for a Deadpool film) quite seriously, but I wanted to warn you all in advance that there is a scene in which a character attempts suicide and makes references throughout the film about wanting to die. I do think the movie is very much worth seeing, but I wanted to share because this matter is quite upsetting and triggering to many and I thought a warning was in order.

hi um yes please send this sweet child some nice things because she is literally getting the worst anon hate for trying to help other people.

@anonymous-love-mail OP is getting suicide baiting anons because of this post

Go give them some love guys!!! And the movie is really great and handles depression and suicide with the gravity it deserves

I remember back when the last Deadpool came out, someone posted a warning about the rape jokes and transphobia in the film (yes, it was mild, but it was still there) and got sent endless amounts of hatred plus apparently pictures of dead children.

Nothing ever changes, I guess.