Last Man On Earth

I cannot believe Fox cancelled Last Man On Earth I’m so heartbroken. It never got the credit it deserved, but it’s so unique and smart and incredibly well done. It has so much representation too. The two main characters are autistic, there’s lots of bisexual characters, a gay character, there’s more girl characters than guys, and there’s a polyamorous relationship. It has the best found family story of anything I’ve ever seen.

The relationships between all the characters are so special and unique. It has guy friends platonically cuddling and kissing each other. The main character gets his eyebrows shaved off and he has no problem wearing fake eyebrows for his girlfriend because she has a hard time reading emotions without them. There’s tons of examples of the characters making little changes like that to occomadate each other’s quirks and support each other.

It has an incredibly interesting plot that’s simultaneously heart breaking and absolutely hilarious. I’ve never seen a show that makes me go from crying to laughing so quickly and so frequently. It has the best redemption arc for a character that I’ve ever seen. There’s no show quite like it and I don’t think there ever will be. It will be so devestating if we never get to see how this story wraps up.

I’m not sure what to do to help it get picked up by another channel but the more people protest it the better chance they have. Please support this fantastic show.

Here are two petitions to sign! :D