it’s that time of year again!

The Last Man on Earth, always teetering about on the brink of being cancelled, is… teetering about on the brink of being cancelled. Except this time we know (thanks to Will Forte) that
“a really different, interesting story” is about to happen, ending on “another huge cliffhanger.”

We still have some stories to tell so hopefully
we’ll get a fifth season. Honestly we’re lucky we’ve gotten four. We’d
love to wrap up the show on our terms but hey, not everybody’s that

Which is good! But also bad, obviously, with the show being in limbo so much! So… if you want to support the show (and honestly, it is a very good show, and getting better every year:)

  • Send tweets to Fox and/or the official TLMOE twitter using the above hashtags or whatever you fancy! Especially during/just after episodes air, apparently, if you wanna increase your chances of anyone seeing them
  • Make gifs and edits and stuff because why the hell not
  • Email! Incredibly nerveracking but probably worthwhile
  • send some of the actors some love with the above hashtags! Will Forte / Kristen Schaal / Mel Rodriguez / Cleopatra Coleman / Mary Steenburgen
  • WATCH THE SHOW LIVE, I guess is the obvious one. American households, of which I am not one, the show is on Fox on Sunday evenings.
  • But you can also watch on the Fox website and Hulu!
  • (Wanna watch having never watched before, don’t know what’s it about and don’t mind spoilers? Try here! Or just, go through this blog!)

see ya on the other side everyone!

A interesting and depressing new development took place today, unfortunately. Deadline claims that TLMOE will most likely be cancelled to make way for the similarly named, but not at all akin to, Last Man Standing. The one that used to be “the only show on ABC for a conservative audience.” The one with convicted drug dealer and antisemite Tim Allen in the main role. That one.

I don’t want to lose TLMOE. I really, really don’t. But the thought of losing it because Tim Allen and co decided to ooze all over it, that’s worse. And I don’t think there’s anything I can do about it, beyond queuing this post up a few more times I guess. I’m just really, really bummed out.

Losing a show with LGBT characters, a relatively diverse cast and a hopeful theme of banding together to a show about a Trump supporter. TV-wise, you couldn’t have a better summing up of fucking 2018, could you?