Honestly get vaginas and ovaries out of feminist art, like??? Not everybody is a cis girl, tiffany the terf, go back 2 making wooden vaginas on etsy

Okay honestly OP of this post is young enough to be forgiven a little ignorance, but the fact that I’m seeing this reblogged by people who I know should know better is making my eye twitch.

Vaginas are a heavily stigmatised body part in and of themselves. The fact that vaginas have historically been believed to belong exclusively to women is obviously the driving force behind the stigma, but that stigma has well and truly gotten strong enough to detach itself from gender – people who would swear they love and respect women as people still find vaginas viscerally icky.

This is a problem. It is a problem that kids in school are being given woefully incomplete, inadequate, unsafe sex ed because no one in the education system wants to mention the V-word. It is a problem that the field of gynaecology still lags so far behind other medical professions. It is a problem that sexually active adults around the world would rather risk ovarian cancer than face the humiliation of exposing their genitals to a doctor. It is a feminist problem, a major player in the ‘women’s bodies are gross and dirty and inadequate’ field, although clearly cis women and trans men and trans women and nonbinary AFAB folks are all impacted differently by it.

There is absolutely, 100% a problem in the world at large, and in the feminist movement specifically, with people eliding genitals with gender identity. There is absolutely a shitty TERFy push to lock trans women out of our communities and that’s something we should all as feminists be on guard against. But the solution to the problem is not ‘stop drawing icky vaginas’, like fuck, what is this, the monthly shareholder meeting of Conservatives ‘R Us?

For as long as vaginas are held to be an inherently shocking and gross and taboo feature of human anatomy, representing them in art will be a valuable feminist act. It’s not about who does or doesn’t have a vagina – it’s about the fact that those of us who do have vaginas are suffering for it and would like that to stop.

Fucking Christ, feminists, keep drawing vaginas. Draw vaginas until your wrists ache. Draw vaginas until we have obliterated the last person in the world who thinks that vaginas are dirty and shameful and should be kept private. Print out this post and draw a vagina on it and send it back to me, I don’t give a fuck. Just keep drawing vaginas, because apparently the world still finds them so disgusting that credible self-identified progressives are now joining the fight to keep them under lock and key.