Some light in the darkness that is Gaming news right now

gaming is SO IMPORTANT for so many disabled people (myself included).  There’s not many hobbies that have the range of interactivity and engagement that gaming has, while still being something someone can do with little movement or motor control.

I’ve met a few people who were very disapproving of my gaming hobby (was literally told to “go read a book” in a snooty way by one of them) and it frustrates heck out of me that they can’t see how important and fun gaming can be.  Gaming isn’t passive like a lot of other hobbies recommended for disabled folks.  Gaming is something to get pumped about and something that you can get better at!  You can improve your gaming skills and feel accomplished!

if it weren’t for video games I would be a much, much more unhappy and unfulfilled person.

This is why its SO important to make gaming accessible to disabled people.

This new ‘trend’ of strobing when hit [Destiny/Assassins’ Creed to name a few] is very detrimental to anyone with a seizure disorder that is effected by strobing. A lot of people with motor disorders often have visual disorders too.

Developers really need to make flashy visual effects optional or toggled on/off in menus; not left as a fixed point.

Gaming is SO important to help with my motor skills and comprehension skills and making it inaccessible to some audiences is really detrimental.

^^^Really important commentary

video games are sometimes the only thing that will help keep me sane.

I’m crying : ’ ). Videogames are important for all ages and degrees of abled people. My grandma definitely has kept a somewhat sharp mind since she plays golden sun and pokemon feverishly, though apparently she was stuck at the Sky Pillar in Ruby for two months (arthritis problems).

i just wish we could get more games that relied less on violence and fighting but Diablo fuckin rules and i’m so glad this person found a way to make it work for them.

we need to make sure all the disabled have the tools and support they need to live the lives they want to.

There is a charity called Able Gamers that helps people with varying disabilities and gives them the chance to play video games. They work both with caregivers, gamers themselves and video game developers (both indie and mainstream)to help make video games more accessible on a software level as well as through assistive technology like Ken here is using. I urge everyone to check them out and donate if possible or spread the word about their foundation!

The AbleGamers Charity