Fascinating how white liberals and white supremacists get along perfectly

So I actually did a little digging and the date on that tweet in the image above is 6/5/17

But if you go and see the actual tweet the date is really  8:42 PM – 8 Nov 2016
Go see for yourself.

This is actually from when Julia Ioffe wrote a scathing article titled

Scenes From the Trump Hotel which was from Election day.

She interviewed Spencer which I will put here so you can read and heads up he sexually assaults her.

“Are you ready to concede yet?” said Richard Spencer, the young white nationalist who coined the term “alt-right,” swilling a Manhattan and doing his best to look the part of 1930s hipster in tweed slacks and a matching vest, and that crisp “fash” haircut, which combines the words for “fashion” and “fascist,” and, Spencer said, has “spread like wildfire.”

“People didn’t understand the power of the white vote,” he said jubilantly.

Was this a white victory? I asked him.

“Totally!” he said. This, he said, was a victory over “the abstract idea of citizenship” in favor of “identity and a nation,” “because, fundamentally, to be an American is to be a white person.” (As for the people who don’t fit that category, “They’re not going anywhere.”)

“And the other thing is that the cucks are dead,” he said, using the alt-right slang for establishment conservatives they despise. “They chose the wrong side and we chose the right side. We are going to displace the conservative movement, we are going to be the right. Period. It’s going to be a lot of fun.” The alt-right would become professionalized and would become the new political establishment on the right, which was fine, Spencer said, because they don’t mind the political establishment as long as they’re the political establishment.

Which got Spencer thinking: What role could he play in a Trump administration? “I would want to be secretary of state,” he said. His first trip would be to Syria, his second to Russia—to tell them “we’re not going to get into a war over this”—then to China. Failing that, though, Spencer would want to be minister of culture and “spend millions of dollars on Wagner.”

The conversation kind of soured—“I feel like this is an inquisition”—when he refused to say whether Hitler was good or bad—“he’s an important historical figure”—or whether the Holocaust was good or bad, said that the anti-Semitic alt-right trolls haranguing me and other Jewish journalists were “just kids having fun,” and when he slid his finger down the back of my dress and said, “You have a slit here.” Surprised at my request not to touch me, he asked me to “calm down.”

It does not go unnoticed that there is this smearing of a Jewish woman to make her seem like she is white supremacist sympathizer.
Especially seeing as this same Jewish woman was harassed and sent death threats along with images of her photoshoped in Holocaust images for writing an article on Melania  Trump that was not sycophantic.

This smearing of her is not just this there is also:

Julia Ioffe found herself at the center of a Twitter firestorm over a six-year-old post in which she repeated a racial slur for black people.

Ioffe, a staff writer at the Atlantic who is known for her liberal politics, initially thought her account had been hacked before realizing the 2011 tweet was actually a quote taken from someone she was interviewing, not written in her own voice.

What is happening here is the willful misconstruing of facts in order malign and smear a Jewish person and to make them appear as a white supremacist sympathizer.

This is antisemitism plain and simple.

Also if you look at the date on the tweet in the first post you will see that is not even how twitter does their dates and times.

I don’t know if OP is the one who messed with the image or they got if from somewhere else all I do know is that what we have here is antisemitism.

I hope that this version with the correct information spreads as fast and as far as the false antisemitic original did.


Reblogging bc i’ve only seen the original dumb ass post before this

Julia Ioffe has been harassed 24/7 by neo-nazis because she wrote an article about Melania a year ago. They leave Hitler speeches on her voicemail. But by all means, keep making assumptions based on a picture and falling for a neo-nazi propaganda campaign.

This is another one from a Russian account, from June of 2017. They didn’t stop when the election was over, they continually turned you against trustworthy sources of information.