One of my favorite things about season 2 of One Day at a Time is how it approaches “unreasonable behavior” sympathetically. Alex is being a dumb teenager and thinks he’s too cool for his family to be at his games? Actually, he’s been dealing with racism and is misdirecting his frustrations towards his family. Elena is upset that her Caothlic school is supportive of her forming a GSA like someone who wants to be oppressed? She just wants someone to be more hateful of her sexuality than her own father, who abandoned her without a word for being a lesbian. Lydia refuses to take the test to become a US citizen and has lied about it for years? She and her late husband couldn’t bring themselves to denounce their Cuban citizenship when they love their home country so much.

There’s just something refreshing about taking what’s usually portrayed as “irrational and emotional” and showing how some open communication can help people heal the root hurt and move forward. It’s so easy to just brush such things off, but it’s really worth it to take the time for it