Hector appreciation post

#also super tempted to make my hector tag ‘forever 21’ somebody stop me

WAAAAIIIT a minute

@kaikamahine Hector was only TWENTY ONE when he died?! This is killing me all over again.

@sarah531​ I KNOW, I KNOW, i’m right there with you. He was born in 1900 (source), married Imelda at seventeen, became a father at eighteen, got killed in 1921, and has been trying to cross the bridge for 96 years.

There’s a really good fan-made timeline here, if you’re curious!

Oh godddd DAMN YOU Lee Unkrich. I thought Hector was at least… maybe thirtyish? But he never even got a chance to LIVE before [spoiler] happened!

(thank you for that timeline! :D)