Moffat Appreciation Week, Day 7:
A day in celebration of Steven Moffat

 “We change history all the time. I’m suggesting far worse.”

On a starship in the 29th century Amy Pond realises that she isn’t actually in the middle of the most terrible ethical dilemma but in a tale of kindness and misunderstanding. Far away, on a planet he shouldn’t even be able to land on, the Doctor has stolen a weapon of unimaginable power, but as it turns out this day of all days, using it might not be the only choice. Back, all the way on Earth in the 21st century, Clara Oswald’s heart beats, once, twice, before it stops. There is an endless amount of adventures inbetween.

The Moffat era is full of those twists and turns that leave the world a better place. Amy gets to claim back her past, her family, her Raggedy Doctor – everything that time had so rudely stolen from her. Fixed points in time are not enough to force River Song to do anything or to stop the Doctor from figuring out how to survive at Lake Silencio. And Bill Potts ends up traveling the universe with her magical immortal water girlfriend, no matter what tragedy befell her. Sometimes, the universe does not fail to be a fairytale.

In fact, this is never more obvious than in sadness and loss. Amy and Rory are inevitably ripped from the Eleventh Doctor’s – and our – side, but somewhere, some time, in New York, they are growing old together. Danny Pink burns the clouds for Clara, he sacrifices himself and saves the world, but he also gets to do what very few people are able to. He gets to right the biggest, most horrifying regret of his life. He gets to choose redemption.

Because ultimately, the Moffat era of Doctor Who believes in hope, against all odds. It believes in kindness. And it believes in telling better stories.