The Claws of Axos ep.1The Doctor’s angry reaction to Mr. Chinn’s xenophobia 

for historical context [and the ppl who think this show was ever apolitical,] this episode aired during a time when neo nazis were rioting and assaulting people across London, and the National Front was at its peak of popularity

I’d look with rather profound disbelief at anyone who watches Jon Pertwee’s era and labels it “apolitical”.

I remember that I used to have three main categories that I ended up mentally slotting Pertwee-era stories into:

1) energy sources

2) pollution and environmentalism

3) nuclear armaggedon

Classic Who has always been something of a blunt instrument when tackling what was going on in politics at the time – whether it was the debate over Britain entering the European Union (The Curse of Peladon), or having one of the villains be a caricature of Margaret Thatcher when the show literally had an anti-Thatcher agenda in the late 80s.

yeah i mean

the show’s blatant and intentional leftist ideology was pretty clear from the outset [they blew up a thinly veiled metaphor for Fascism in the second ever episode…], but try telling that to ppl to whom Twelve is suddenly and inexplicably ‘’too political’’