star wars gif meme ♥ [1/9] scenes
   ↳ Queen Amidala addresses the Senate (TPM)

#there is no universe in which george lucas is an accomplished political satirist (no matter how far away) #but he IS a solid tragedian#and one of the beats he manages to hit well and repeatedly in the prequels is how the republic sows the seeds of its own destruction #(padme is the republic she is its defender and staunchest advocate and here she is paving the way for palpatine to ascend!) #the very nature of the jedi order is what brings about anakin’s turn to the darkside—which in turn brings down the jedi order #george lucas knows how to build hamartia into a story #and even a clunky script and firing his editor couldn’t impede that (via notbecauseofvictories)