Velociraptor in Melbourne

And people told me I couldn’t be a dinosaur when I grew up. Pffft.

OH MY GOD I have a deep burning need for this I WANT THIS FOR A LARP PLEASE!

aw yisss

I LOOOOOOVE huge puppets like these, especially when everyone, collectively, decides to interact with the “character” being portrayed.  

A few years ago, Denver Museum Of Nature And Scince had an exhibit on the snowmass dig, and a local artist came in with his own fully articulated and life-size mammoth calf puppet.  It was gorgeous and you could see the guy’s legs, like in this one, but he and the staff really got into the character of “oh, here’s our pet baby mammoth on loan from the zoo” and everyone decided to play along.

And the guy REALLY did his homework on how elephants move and react to stimuli and investigate their environment (he had one tic I recognized as unique to one of the female elephants at the zoo but that just means dude studied from the source) and the staff did a great job spotting for him (like in the above video where they were saying “He might be attracted to X” to cue the puppeteer) and he’d do cool stuff like steal/ try to “eat” hats,  lean down and let the really little kids touch his tusks and snort air at them, or ‘trumpet’ at cell phones.  

I cannot, for the life of me remember the guy’s name or I’d be smooshing his website in y’all’s faces, but the fact that everyone decided to interact with his character as his character was really terrific and frankly kind of magical.