Wal-Mart employees can now deliver your online orders on their way home from work

Wal-Mart employees can now deliver your online orders on their way home from work








Remember, if there’s still an ounce of blood in that body of yours they’ll find a way to suck you dry of it. 

Courtney Reagan lives up to their name by making sound like this is an opportunity for Wal-mart workers

Employees aren’t forced to do it though. It’s an optional thing and they’ll be paid for it as overtime. Do yo research!!

“Optional” will always turn into “employees who opt out will be fired over those who don’t.” Then they’ll add driving as a requirement for any employee, leaving anyone who can’t drive ‘unqualified’ for the register.

How do you measure how much extra time they spend during their drive home? Will they be compensated for gas? Will they be trained and compensated as delivery drivers?

We did our research.

“Wal-Mart compensates the employees for it but declined to elaborate how it works.”

Wow, not sketchy at all!

Seriously though, as someone above said this is just another ploy to bleed workers dry and not have to pay for pesky things like trained truck drivers.

This is shady

Its more than shady. I have seen employers cut corners in every way possible even if that means employees have to suffer for it or not be compensated for it. An old boss of mine didn’t want to hire an organizer or catering crew so he “asked a favor” of staff members to work at his daughter’s engagement and they would be paid for their time. That was cheaper than having actual caterers and paying all those fees.

This is just walmart being lazy and cheap.  This is CEO’s drinking lemonade at the country club and being struck by a great idea to use their assets (employees) to cut corners and not having to hire drivers, have extra vehicles bought, hire a delivery clerk/manager, designate costs to deliver and work out a whole delivery system.  Deliveries take a bit more organizing than just throwing something in a truck if its an actual service you’re seeking to offer. How are you gonna know who gets what, and what goes where? There’s probs a manager who’s going to have this added to their list of duties and never have their pay raised.

Getting people to work off the clock is the most malicious thing I’ve ever seen and it happens all the time.