If I ever become a history teacher, I’m going to write “gullible” on the ceiling.
Then in the middle of class, I’ll announce, “There’s ‘gullible’ written on the ceiling.”
After the whole look vs. not look shenanigan occurs, I shall then slam my books on my desk, prop myself up, lean forward and say, “Welcome to history. Your first lesson? Check your facts for yourself.”

chaotic evil

chaotic learning

Honestly, I’m so glad that for once checking the ceiling is the correct answer, and it doesn’t mean “oh you’re gullible you believe it, and also being gullible is definitely something that’s okay to mock”.

Also it’s very important for history stuff to realize that all sources are biased. & it teaches critical thinking skills in general.

I just feel so grateful for this post…

you got the true meaning of this post 💗