Sick of Tumblr blocking your posts in search because they have external links to your portfolio, patreon, twitter or whatever? Yeah me too.

But there’s a way around it!

FIRST > Edit / customise your theme (the desktop version, aka the actual HTML and CSS junk) Find this button:


Add your page like you would for other pages! Except on the drop down select “Redirect”!


The insert on the right is what will appear on the preview side on the right. Here I’ve put in my twitter! Fill it out and give the page URL something lowercase and easy to remember (like /twitter)

Post your stuff how you would normally. Unfortunately using the bottom left ‘source url’ button on the image as usual itself still gets censored (seriously fuck you Tumblr what the fuck).


Link your sites as you would normally EXCEPT we use the tumblr link (for me it’s the above!). If you use a domain name, you WILL need to use your tumblr URL rather than ! This will link people to my twitter but still show up in /tagged/ and /search/


Your stuff will now should show up! This doesn’t seem to work for editing older posts but I haven’t tested that out fully.

And lastly

Fuck you tumblr

Love, Lycisca.

LYCI FOUND A WORKAROUND TO THE PROBLEM!!!!! spread this to raise awareness on how tumblr users can keep using the tag/search engine to their advantage.