“Star Wars is for 12 Year Olds”


I loved the Star Wars Celebration panel. I especially loved seeing both Hayden Christensen and George Lucas get the love and support they deserve. When George Lucas was talking about how he saw kids near the set when he was filming Attack of the Clones, he said he did it for the kids who loved them, and it got me thinking. When the prequels were made they got a lot of hate back in that time. Some would argue it’s justified but I grew up, not hating the films, but enjoying them. I feel like the previous generation that grew up with the original trilogy and enjoyed them are just like kids, like me, who grew up with the prequels. Now I’ve seen the originals and the prequels multiple times, and while I can admit both had their corny moments, I still loved them. The old generation went in and many (not saying all) bashed it. The children who enjoyed it, probably didn’t get heard by those receiving all the hate. It just gladdened me to see that those children’s voices are being heard now. We can finally speak to Hayden and George Lucas, and say “We are the children you did it for, and we love and appreciate all you’ve done for us.”