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Can anyone explain to me how George Lucas is a bigot? Because I don’t know how that’s true?

This blog seems uniquely well positioned to answer this question! Okay, here’s the common accusations with sourced answers:

He’s a homophobe. This one has always baffled me, to be honest. I don’t know where it comes from. It’s true that Lucasfilm (or some department of them, at least) in the 80s-90s were remarkably homophobic, sending cease-and-desist letters to slash fiction writers while leaving Han/Leia etc stuff untouched, but Lucas the person had very little to do with its day-to-day runnings, to the extent that in 1980 Lucasfilm had to retract a cease-and-desist against MAD magazine when it turned out George had gotten there first.

(I suppose this is a common problem one might have, if you stick your name on a vast corporation.)

In 2005 Lucas the person gave $50,000 to fight the same-sex marriage ban, while Lucasfilm the company gave $50,000 as well.

He divorced Marcia Lucas and then blacklisted her! Covered here. (Short answer: divorced yes, obviously, blacklisted no.)

He used offensive racial stereotypes in Star Wars. Yep, no arguments here (Indiana Jones is also guilty of this). However, behind-the-scenes he did appear to listen when called out on them, he sought out and hired Aaron McGruder, one of the most vocal Jar Jar critics, to work on Red Tails.

….and that’s kinda it, I guess?