Okay so let’s talk about this deleted scene from the Time of the Doctor:

Linda, Dave’s girlfriend, observed Uncle Reg was going to be late, adding that his ‘friend’ Phil was looking everywhere for him. 

CLARA: His husband Phil.

LINDA: Civil partnership does not a husband make. 

CLARA: Well I’m sure you can resume that conversation from last Christmas, and I for one am looking forward to sticking my head out of a window and screaming to God for a merciful death.

Anybody with common sense would headcanon that Clara is bi, and so with that knowledge, I totally get the feeling from this scene that she isn’t openly bi to her family.

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howw have i never heard of this scene before. Wow.

(Also, screaming: yes; merciful: no.)

Oh gosh. I can’t believe they cut that. It explains so much.