hi so im bug and this is rlly important. im an 18 yr old autistic muslim girl living in a very bad situation. my mother hits me all the time whenever im “annoying” to her or when i do something she doesnt like. i’ve had cps come to my house 3 times in the past 2 years but since i am an adult it wont help anymore.

i need to save up to leave here as soon as possible, i cant leave until i know i have enough money so i wont have to come back here as a last resort. my paypal is and anything will help. i am deathly afraid of her and this is the last thing i have come too, im sorry.

there’s also a quick donate link in my description if that’s easier. thank you for reading and if u can pls boost or something. ill take whatever i can get i just want her to stop ffucking beating me