The cousin of “anything with eyes in it being tagged with scopophobia” is “anything with movement in it being tagged as epilepsy/seizure warning” 

I should explain why this bothers me so much

I’m epileptic, I need a seizure warning tag because it keeps me from seeing shit that gives me headaches and migraines.

But I’ve had to remove it from my blacklist and just check every individual video, closing it at the first sign of strobing or flashing effects, because people were tagging stuff like

Otters playing in a river.
A gif of a character bobbing up and down
A vine of a baby cooing

As “epilepsy warning”.

There were no strobing or flashing effects in those examples whatsoever.

See, by tagging everything as “epilepsy warning” just because something moves is actively making my life harder because I literally don’t know at which point which videos have epileptic triggering materials and which are just plain videos and gifs

It’s counter-intuitive to having the tag at all