this is your friendly neighborhood jewish blogger telling you for the 24564323 time that using the holocaust in your rhetoric regarding other tragedies is shitty oppression olympics and generally inaccurate.

people tell jews to get over the holocaust and that we’re kicking and screaming over nothing all the fucking time.  to cite the holocaust as a “never forget” counterpoint to other tragedies ignores the very real antisemitism in our society and how badly gentiles like to sweep the holocaust under the rug and push jews under the bus, only drag us up again when we’re a convenient talking point.  the people championing the “never forget” narrative are largely jews themselves BECAUSE people want so badly to let this terrible event fade out of memory.

antisemitism is very real and it’s alive and well in the world.  stop using cherrypicked elements of the holocaust to prove your point and then ignore antisemitism when it doesn’t.  we will not be used as your “gotcha” point when it comes to tragedy.