Claiming to be “pro-family” but you don’t support mandatory paid parental leave is clear hypocrisy.










I mean, I know no one has ever accused conservatives of ideological consistency. But it stands to say from time to time. 

If you can’t support yourself for a couplr months without pay then maybe you should rethink having children, they are expensive…

Its nice you are pro choice. I assume you also support fully funding planned parenthood and increasing access to contraception and keeping abortion options available.

Have you considered though that while, yes, children are expensive, they should not be a luxury afforded only to the rich who can afford to go without pay for up to a year?

No they should be a luxury afforded to people that can take care of them. So no not just rich people…

Fuck planned parenthood parenthood get a condom at cvs for contraceptives and stop murdering babies.

Sooooo you think only people “who can afford them” should have babies (as though parental leave isn’t an obvious way to assist with that) but you also think that people shouldn’t have access to options if they get pregnant and can’t afford to loose months of work without pay. 

Sounds like you aren’t actually interested in a solution, just being an angry self righteous asshole. “Poor people just need to keep their knees together” isn’t really a viable policy option. 

It is actually… don’t want baby don’t have sex

So only rich people get to have sex.

Because we can’t let the Poors have birth control, access to abortion, or paid parental leave if they have kids. 

That’s a pretty shitty, and unrealistic, and unsustainable policy outlook. And there’s a reason that 192 countries (including the one your ass lives in) don’t do it.

Because a kid having parents that can look after them without the big hand of government looming over them is such a bad idea.

Also easy way to not be poor in 3 easy steps
Step 1. Get an education (high school at least)
Step 2. Get a job (any)
Step 3. Don’t have children out of wedlock

Try it out sometimes it’s very fulfilling.

So you’re in favour of a minimum wage high enough that having literally any job means you aren’t poor?

I’m curious as to what @beastofburdden thinks should be done with women who find themselves pregnant via rape.