Rescue and Adoption


In the heart of the fairy mound, there were two identical
cradles, each with an identical infant inside.

“One of these babies is the one you bore,” said a fairy.
“The other is the changeling we left. You may leave our hall with whichever
child you claim as your own. Choose wisely.”

“But they are both
my children,” the human mother protested indignantly.

The fairies whispered amongst themselves in surprise and
confusion. At last, one asked, “How do you mean?”

“I came to get back the child you stole from me, the one who
is mine by blood. I never agreed to give my adopted child back to you.”

Perhaps her words touched the fairies’ hearts; or perhaps
her stubbornness impressed them; or perhaps they simply found the argument
amusing, novel enough to merit a reward.

She left the fairy mound, an infant in each arm, and brought
them home.