Time Type

Dehli based street artist, DAKU, has produced a dynamic, time sensitive, public art piece for the St+art Festival in India. Over two months 25 artist from around the globe will transform the colonial Lodhi district into the country’s first public art area.

Local artist, DAKU, who remains anonymous, has produced an inventive installation, ‘Time changes everything’, which connects type with the passing of time by using the moving sunlight to cast ever-changing shadows of words onto a wall. 

Over 70 words have been mounted perpendicularly to a building façade to act as sundials. The shadow type sharpens into focus in the mornings revealing english words such as; Identity, Religion, Perception. This shadows stretch and yaw across the façade to later fade away as the light dims in the afternoon.

Photos by Pranav Gohil

Shadow type for Typography Tuesday from @typeworship