Character: Tahl

From: Star Wars: Jedi Apprentice

Representation: Racial, Disability (blind)

Their Importance: Jedi KnightTahl is a main character in the much-loved YA Star Wars series Jedi Apprentice. She’s a Noorian, a human species in the Star Wars universe who have dark skin and striped eyes. (Hers are striped green and gold.) When we first meet her, she’s recently been blinded in battle and must adjust to her disability using an assistance droid. This isn’t always easy for her, but like any Jedi she remains calm about it. At one point, she uses a metaphor about broken artwork to explain her blindness: “You see the seams of the break, but the piece is still flawless. Because it had once been broken, it becomes more valuable than before.”

Issues: (spoilers!) What with Jedi Apprentice being a prequel (heck, a prequel to a prequel) Tahl’s death is perhaps inevitable. She dies after she and Qui-Gon confess their love for each other, causing him to nearly turn to the Dark Side. Her death probably counts as a fridging to be honest, although she’s still mentioned a lot in the books after she dies. I like to think she’s who Qui-Gon was thinking of in The Phantom Menace when Anakin says “No-one can kill a Jedi” and he answers “I wish that were so.”

Thank you to @sarah531 for the write up!