FN-2187 walked into a detention cell and removed a high level prisoner by saying, “Kylo Ren sent me” and none of the guards even thought to call and verify it. He then marched that prisoner through the corridors of a Star Destroyer and into a fighter bay passed a gaggle of officers and no one batted an eye.

But go on and tell me how Finn was just a janitor.

oh but now i’ve been thinking about this!

ok 1.) finn in before the awakening is literally at the top of his class, like phasma’s only beef with this dude is that he’s got too much empathy but other than that he’s a+ officer material in logistics, combat training, marksmanship, leadership, the whole shebang. so he’s probably trusted to know his shit and do his job. so if fn-2187 says ren wants the prisoner, then ren wants the prisoner. that makes perfect sense.

now the hangar tho, here me out: finn using the force. unconsciously, but we know jedi can pass unseen when they want/need to, and he’s so desperate to not get caught he’s probably thinking okay stay calm stay calm nothing to see here just a trooper trasnporting a prisoner nothing unusual here and it WORKS.

Nah son. Fuck headcanon. This shit is CANON. 

Has anyone stopped to consider the fact that in Star Wars any kind of large-scale sanitation project is going to immediately be colonized by giant tentacle hellbeasts, which may or may not absorb the souls of the people that get consumed for standing a little too close to the garbage chute? And that the hellbeasts are impossible to completely get rid of, and many of them have adaptations like acid secretions and echolocation that lets them digest things like battle armor and durasteel? Seriously, there are half a dozen I can think of off the top of my head, starting with the friggin dianoga from New Hope.

Only absolute badasses work sanitation. Anyone with lesser skills gets eaten.

Finn didn’t have to get that happy with the Force Suggest to get people to go with him being the boss is what I’m saying. You don’t start an argument with the guy who exterminates soul-sucking hell centipedes in close quarters twice a week to keep the trash compactor running.

why was han so dismissive? he met one of those trash monsters once upon a time.

this answers a lot of my complaints about why you would banish a high-scoring, intelligent, resourceful officer-track soldier to do a roomba’s job. but like also considering starkiller base is built into an entire planet, finn’s probably got to deal with a galaxy’s worth of native fangtentacled shitparasites, and alien polar moosebears wandering in to see where all that tasty garbage is coming from. 

now I’m wondering how many rescue missions Finn had to plan/lead b/c the newbies kept getting dragged off by whatever beastie was in the sanitation system this week.

remember how Finn knew a lot about Rathtars & reached back into history lessons to see if that would give Rey even an idea of what they were like b/c it’s a common bit of history shared in the galaxy?

he’s terrified to be dragged off by one, but he’s not surprised by them in the least- like: THAT’S what they look like. it’s more like an: oh, great, RATHTARS. in the same tone he could have added again. and i think mostly Rathtars give him the heeby jeebies, but if he’d been armed he would have felt better. this probably wasn’t his first rodeo with a Rathtar.