harry’s behavior in order of the phoenix was ptsd you jerks

#not here for anyone complaining about harry being ‘whiny’ or ‘a drama queen’ #he’s an orphan who escaped from an abusive home only to be emotionally manipulated into a child soldier #he suffered extensive yearly traumas all connected to the guy who murdered his parents #he was forced to watch a friend get murdered #and then was tortured with the unforgivable curses #he was the target of a smear campaign led by the minister of magic #and he was deliberately isolated from his friends and entire support network while being returned to an abusive home #before he had any chance to deal with that #he’s a fifteen year old boy #who has been forced into unspeakable horror and torment since he was eleven #and his outbursts in ootp don’t make him weak they make him human #and the most amazing thing is that that’s the limit of his breaking #harry james potter is strong af