Hmm also (just bouncing around from thought to thought here) there’s been a lot of stuff drawing on Christian symbolism this series, specifically the story of Noah which is obviously in itself an apocalypse story

Like, the storyline about the gang leaving Malibu very explictly drew on the theme (“You’re Noah? So we’re the animals”) and just now in the series, as everything is looking its bleakest, Tandy prays to God and suddenly there’s a rainbow representing a little hope (ie Gail not being dead). There’s no way that was done unintentionally, but I guess I don’t really know what to make of it

sorry noah is CHRISTIAN symbolism?

wanna run that by me again?

Ironically, the second you were typing that, I was hurrying back here to amend that actually the story is found across loads of religions, including Judaism and Islam.

(But I mostly learned about it from those weird kid-friendly Bible books found in apparently every school I ever went to)

(I really wish I’d amended that on time, as this post was going off on a completely different tangent originally.)