look, i get that tumblr’s demographic is 85% teenagers and this is all baby’s first social justice experience for most of you, but you guys really need to learn how to differentiate between problematic behavior and irredeemable trash garbage who deserves death

people slip up, people fuck up, people say shit they shouldn’t

it sucks

but it’s human

it’s part of being raised into a patriarchal homophobic racist society and/or being part of a privileged group

and you do it too

stop thinking the world is black-or-white because it isn’t

And anyone who tells you different? Is selling something. They are offering you the comfort of simplicity and that NEVER comes free. So take a good hard look at them and try to figure out what they’re selling. Because the most innocent possibility is they’re trying to sell you on a world arrangement where they can treat someone like shit without having to feel guilty about it.

That’s the most innocent version. There are a lot more sinister ones. Because if you don’t keep in mind that predators can use anybody’s rhetoric to get what they want, you’re just making yourself easy prey.

there’s never going to be a simple set of Rules that tells you exactly how to be and means anyone who’s not like that is Evil. Humans don’t work like that. Neither does morality or ethics. You are always going to have to bring your own critical thought, your own compassion, your own intelligence and your own free will to the table. Nobody and nothing can save you from that necessity. You can get advice, but advice is only subjective. And the less you think, the less careful you are and the less you exercise basic human compassion, the more you contribute to the mess, not the cleanup.