I’m honestly in tears. I am incredibly upset, I am shaking, I am furious. I need this post to reach as many people as possible, because I want everyone to be aware about this and we need to work together to help bring this young girl home safely. I have a lot of followers so I’m hoping this will spread quickly so more people are aware of this.

This is Kennedi High. You may have seen her circling through your dashboard. She’s 16 years old and she has gone missing, and so far everyone has pieced together through her snapchat story that something is really, really wrong. She’s acting funny, and recently her snapchat story has been updated: “I’m with this other man and he telling me I’m never going back home to see my family.” A lot of people think this may be a case of sex trafficking, and it most likely is, and I’m honestly terrified for her. 

She’s originally from Baltimore, MD, though it’s said that she may currently be in the Mountain View California region. Please spread this if you can, reblog any other posts you find about her and get this story out. I’m absolutely sickened and shaken and I just want her to be safe. This is so important to me.

Not to mention, there’s been reports of over 64,000 black girls missing across the United States, and it’s most likely due to sex trafficking. 64,000 black girls. That’s just crazy. This is terrifying and needs more media coverage, this needs to be spread everywhere. We need to protect black girls. They need our help.

If you guys have any more information to add to this post or correct, please please feel free. I’ll try to add any other updates I find on the situation. In the meantime, if you can, please this reblog or any other posts relating to Kennedi and spread the word. Tell everyone about it. This needs everyone’s attention.