a few more tlmoe thoughts

I’ve heard people spectulating that Lewis’s death might actually have been a suicide, because he figured going out in a blaze of glory would be better than spending the rest of his probably short, dangerous life either searching for a man he knows in his heart is dead or waiting for Pat to show up and kill them all. I actually don’t hate that theory, as it at least grants him some friggin’ agency.

Plus according to Carol’s very, ur, Carolesque tribute, the gang haven’t found the plane’s black box yet, so maybe when they do they’ll find a recorded message from Lewis and everyone will be very sad. As they should be.

Ironically, although he’s obviously blaming himself for what happened, Tandy was actually right about the aeroplane. It would have been a moment of hope for everyone after all they’d been though, and it would have been a massive step towards finding other survivors and a doctor for the group. God I hate it when a show builds up hope and then brings it (literally in this case) crashing down. Sigh.

I’m going to call that Gail won’t die after all, as the show now seems very firmly entrenched in the six mains (Tandy, Carol, Todd, Melissa, Gail, Erica) + one recurring character who dies (Phil, Mike, Lewis) format. Based on what we know of Kristen Wiig’s character I guess she’ll stick around for half a series and then die too. Woe. (Kristen Wiig is obviously not going to stay for long no matter what happens to her character anyway, as she has too much else to do.)

Cleopatra Coleman really doesn’t get enough credit for her acting in this. The whole funeral scene was perfect and she always delivers the funny lines well too.

Todd is completely unrecognisable from his sunny self now. :(

The image of Tandy in his dinosaur costume walking sadly down the street, stopping at the church and taking it off is exactly the right mixture of absurdity and pathos, which makes me love this show beyond all reason even when it makes huge missteps, which I think Lewis’s death was.

Sometimes I want to describe this show as basically a live-action cartoon and I’m not sure I’m wrong in that assessment. I sometimes think its closest counterpart would be something like Futurama.