my fave post-apocalyptic sitcom the last man on earth restarts tonight! I and the rest of its teeny smattering of fans are very keen indeed it gets a fourth season, and it seems the best way of doing that is to ensure as many people as possible watch it on Fox! (Or on the official Fox website I guess?)

So on the offchance any of my gifsets caught your interest, here are some reasons to tune in:

1. first things first: series one is not particularly good. it has its moments, but it plays much too much into sexist tropes for my liking. Series two blew me away right from the beginning though, I’ve don’t think I’ve ever turn an upturn in quality happen so fast in a show (and the sexism had gone!)

2. you know how everyone loves the ‘ragtag group of misfits slowly become family’ trope? This show IS THAT TROPE

3. lots of post-apocalyptic scenery if that’s your jam

4. lots of post-apocalyptic scenarios too, it hits many tropes (the mass graves, the lack of doctors…) but it is mostly a Soft Apocalypse

4. a canon poly relationship that’s not played for laughs (at least, no more than anything else on the show is)

5. an character arc regarding an apocalypse survivor suffering severe mental health problems, which is taken seriously (by both the show and the other characters)

6. a reasonably diverse cast (if not quite up to the standards of, say, Brooklyn 99). Series 3 introduced Lewis, a gay Asian man played by the MCU’s Kenneth Choi, which is great

7. lots of jokes, as the show is a sitcom, but also a LOT of focus on grief and trauma and hope. really it’s an amazingly hopeful show, hopeful about redemption and hopeful about the future and hopeful about people, please give it one more season at least oh gosh please

Hmm, I might get back on board. I watched about half of season 1 but couldn’t stand how much of the plot was Phil being so damn awful.

Without giving anything away, he’s changed so much he’s almost unrecognizable now. (I suspect the writers realised, after season one finished, that they probably weren’t gonna get much further with such an unsympathetic main character.)