URGENT: $1,022 needed for paramedic transport bill by 7pm (nyc time) TOMORROW.
Without payment, I risk losing literally my ONLY means of leaving my home.

Because I’m completely bedridden 24/7 [medical reports] with serious nerve damage, I need to be transferred by paramedics on a spine board / stretcher to ANY doctor’s appointments. Ability to leave my home AT ALL is utterly dependent on prompt payments to the ONLY private patient transport service in Sydney willing to cater to my needs. Other services have been severely abusive – e.g. state paramedics forced me into hospital by threatening psychiatric confinement & physically harmed me during discharge.

Without payment, I dread being permanently denied services, particularly after I owed over $7,000 to the company in 2016. The current bill will be 3-4 days overdue (and counting), so I need help to pay it IMMEDIATELY.

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Donations count needed: $52,332

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