“In transit, Carrie asked if we could make another stop. George Lucas had rented out a restaurant and was hosting a pre-Oscar bash for the Star Wars cast and crew. Would we mind dropping by to say hello? Carrie did not know the exact address, so we stopped in front of what we guessed was the right place on La Brea Avenue, and our driver went in to check. Moments later, George and Marcia Lucas approached our car with wide grins. They ushered us into the restaurant filled with the Star Wars family, and when Carrie walked in, a spontaneous cheer broke out — their Princess Leia had arrived. The love for her was palpable. I was in awe.”

I Was Carrie Fisher’s 1978 Oscar Date: Spielberg, Lucas and a 3 a.m. Afterparty With John Belushi by by Tom Coleman for The Hollywood Reporter